【Jan.01更新】TGWA Thailand Elite CUP 2018 開催のご案内


この度2018年1月にタイ政府運営国有企業Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltdのサポートで、
VIP 顧客を対象とした「TGWA Thailand Elite CUP 2018」の開催が決定いたしました。

また、スペシャルゲストとして、テレビや雑誌など多方面で活躍し、「TEAM SERIZAWA」を率いる芹澤信雄プロをお迎えし、

As most of you may know, the Tourism Authority of Thailand started promoting golf experience in Thailand
since 2017 by launching Thailand & Japan Golf Festival. With this background and the support from a state owned enterprise
Thailand Privilege Card Co., we are organizing “TGWA Thailand Elite CUP 2018” targeting our VIP clients in January, 2018.

We are appointing a professional golfer Nobuo Serizawa who leads the “TEAM SERIZAWA” and is actively involved in various fields
such as TV and magazines as a special guest to make this event as influential as possible. We hope to receive a large number of
participants from Japan to make this event the best opportunity to experience the attractiveness of world’s top-class golfing in Thailand.

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